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Letters Writing Tips

Note: All e-mails are 100% free, so take advantage of this service, but do it the right way.

  • You will increase your chances of success by starting out slow, and give her a chance to bond with you first. If you write a 3 page book, she will be overwhelmed and just not know what to say in return, so in most cases she will not respond.

  • First keep a record of letters you sent, so you won't repeat yourself. Make a copy and keep a file on each girl you are writing, so you don?t send a letter to Olga even though you were answering a question Svetlana was asking you. In other words, by reading the last letter you sent to her, things will stay fresh in your mind.

  • Always keep in mind, if she does not speak English, there is an interpreter reading your letters to her. Sometimes if you use big complicated words, your meaning will be lost. The Russian language it is 100% different from your language, so your interpreter will either take her best guess at the meaning of the word, or just tell the lady she has no clue what your talking about.

  • A true story of misunderstanding words translated into Russian is as follows: One of the interpreters came up to me in my Tver office, and ask me why a strange man would ask a girl he has never met if she likes sex. I asked her for the letter and sure enough, the letter was asking a question: I am an affectionate man I like to hold hands and walk in the park I am looking for a partner that likes to be held and is affectionate as I am?. Well my point is you just never know sex and affection are near the same, but are worlds apart in meaning. So keep it simple, and you will be understood.

  • The single biggest problem with e-mail writing is 100% without question is you and your concepts of American life and Russian life. You live in a world that everything is at your fingertips. You receive e-mails on your home computer, at work, or even in your car. She has in most cases no computer, no car, and no money to pay for an Internet service, so just for one second, get in her shoes and walk around. Try to see things from her point of view.

  • The next problem if you are one of the men out there that feels she should be able to stop what she is doing to write you a letter. Just think about this and then get back into her shoes and try to think a bit like her. First try to understand, she has a life style that might prevent her from walking from one side of town to our office. You're thinking, well I am going half way around the world to meet her, so the least that she can do is write to me! She is thinking, well if he is real, he will come and I will meet him then. These two things are like vinegar and water. They just do not mix.

  • My best advice to you is simple. If you cannot give her a bit of room on letters, then just take her off your list. Any smart man would keep her on his list. Call this list a backup plan or whatever you like, but if your half way around the world, you owe it to yourself to give her the opportunity to come in to meet you.

  • What I am trying to say is when walking up a staircase, you take it one step at a time. Miss a step and what happens? You find yourself on your backside and have to start all over from the first step. Climb to the top of the stairs before you let you expiation knock you back down to the first step. Earn her respect and do not demand it in letters, or you will just be dusting off your backside and starting all over again!
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