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About Tver
Why 12 Years Success

Topics covered:
Who are we
Why have we lasted for 12 years
Two reason for our success
Agency comparisons
What most agencies don't want you to know
Why choose Lifetime Partners
What about after care services?
How to find out which agencies are good or bad

  • Who are we

    Since 1994, we have been American owned and operated. Our success has always been due to the experience of our professional counselors men just like you, who have shared the same dream of finding a Russian bride. Lifetime Partners has been on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News, and on CBS TV.

  • Why have we lasted for 12 years

    We have always believed that searching for a bride is a lifetime event. We have always provided a personal one-on-one approach to meeting the ladies of your choice, with insight from our staff year-round in Tver. (open 7 days/week) who are instrumental to your success (personal support that is as good as gold). Your personal interpreters share insight with you about every lady you meet and they will help you greatly in making your final selection on a quality lady.

  • Two reason for our success

    We will not accept ladies into the program that don't personally visit us at our Russian offices in Tver. Each lady will sit down with our office staff and share her personal biography/profile information and also take photos in the presence of our office photographer. This absolutely guarantees us that the ladies are 100% real. All photo albums are up to date. We do not accept supplied photos from any outside source. There is no artwork or painted photos, so all photos are recent and vivid photos of the real ladies who are in our system. This helps to distinguish us from some of the other scam artists that are preying on you in today's Internet world.

  • Agency comparisons

    Today's Internet world gives marriage agencies two basic choices on what services to provide. As you may have noticed, the latest and greatest sales ploy is selling letters and the translation services of letters. This has opened Pandora's Box to the proliferation of many scam agencies.

    Many small agencies have sunk to this unethical way of making money. Don't take our word on this. Just read about some of the larger agencies under their Affiliate Programs and you will see how they promote other small agencies to join them in this scam of selling letters.

  • What they don't want you to know

    First, each girl writes an introduction letter, and then if she wants, the agency sits down with her and writes future letters in her name with or without her present. This letter is a standard into letter sent out to just about anybody from ages 6 to 100 years old. Most of the time, the ladies have no knowledge that this is even being sent. The client thinks she personally sent it to you, and you open the letter. The agency makes $5 dollars that turns into $1000s of dollars each time they do it. It pays a lot of bills. Wouldn't anybody want a letter from a gorgeous girl that says she's interested in meeting you? For $5, scam agencies are all betting that you will.

    Secondly, the computer operators in many agency are paid by commission for each letter you open, so this continues the scam even further. Hey, it's only $5. What American or foreign man can't afford that?

    Another way that agencies make big money: take photos for instance. Photos can be cut and pasted and placed on any site on the Internet to make you think she may live in the town you?re going to visit.

    This type of agency writes all the letters for all the ladies just for that $5 that won't really affect a rich American. Canned letters in today's Internet world are a simple click away. Just change the name and send.

    There are so many stories that have circulated about this phenomenon. Some companies have automated this process to an art form having as many as 7 computer operators sending these letters out daily. After all, the computer operator gets paid by the letter. Know here is how they get away with this scam mix this in with some real ladies, and you will never know if that girl is real or she even knew the agency sent you her letter. And bottom line — what are you going to do if you find out she is fake? Absolutely nothing, because there's nothing you can do! Welcome to the world of International Matchmaking.

  • This is why choose Lifetime Partners

    What separates us from any other Internet agency on the web?

    WE have NO per E-mail charges, no translation costs per letter, and no computer operators getting paid per each letter. All girls are required to come in person to fill out their profiles and current photos of all the girls that live in or near our offices. We're open 365 days a year to suit the ladies and your personal needs.

    Our full-service approach to matchmaking assures you that you are dealing with a legitimate agency. We have the best traditional and family oriented Russian brides that Tver, Russia, has to offer. One of the main reasons we can say this is we don't charge the ladies for any of our services witch gives us the right to drop them from are agency which is just one more benefit to you! We also provide you with a Wish List at the time of your membership so that you are currently updated with information as to which of the ladies are still active or possibly are out of the program at the start of your membership. Conditions change, and not everyone is available every month just because they took photos. This is valuable information that enables you to pursue your dreams realistically.

    We also prevent anyone from writing to ladies who are already matched or have become engaged to eliminate the chances of any girl only looking for the bigger better deal. This is 100% your, and our keystone to success in this industry.

  • What about after care services?

    Ask yourself one big question — what service is provided by the agency after you find your future bride? This is another crucial area where we separate ourselves from the rest of the competition. We provide you with free E-Mail and translation services, and you have access to counselors here in the U.S. as well who can help you with any concerns that may arise as you wait for your bride to arrive, and start your new life. We are in the business of building families. We are not going to take your money and then forget about you!

    See our Trial Membership and Full Membership for more detailed information.

  • How to find out which agencies are good or bad

    Any agency will be glad to give you the golden goose that laid the golden eggs. Testimonials are the most over-rated works of fiction which are available on Web Sites all over the Internet. It is meaningless unless you make contact with the reference and authenticate that they are genuine clientele.

    You can go to which is a free service which has independent members who often post their experiences with any service or marriage agency out there. You will get feedback from real people who have used that particular service and you can also search their archives by typing the name of the agency in their search engine. You will find out the potential pros and cons about using the agency of your choice. RW Guide finally has additional listings for blacklisted companies which will further help prevent you from being scammed by a Russian woman or agency.

    Best of luck in your search,
    Lifetime Partners Staff.

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