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Why Additional Photo Albums

NEW from Lifetime Partners!

Over the years one of the issues that has been widely discussed on the Russian Women's Guide is the authenticity of the photos of Russian ladies.

It goes without saying that the absolute best photos of each girl will be the ones that eventually get posted on an agency's Web Site. Many agencies however take a wide variety of pictures before deciding their final selections. So what happens to the additional "photos" that each agency doesn't post on their Web pages? Do they just sit there on somebody's hard drive?

Well, the truth is really that they don't want you to see the additional photos of the girls for many reasons. And I think you probably know the reason.

At, we want to offer you an opportunity to see these additional photos that are 100% authentic of all the girls currently on our Site, so that there aren't any surprises when you get over there.

You'll have the opportunity to know what your Dream Girl truly looks like, and you'll also get more insight into her personality by viewing her complete Photo Set. Most of these sets have an AMAZING 70 to 100 photos!

Each Photo Set has full size JPEGs with its own Zip file — when you open up the Zip file, you'll see thumbnail photos where you can click and see full-size pictures which can be enlarged as much as 800% of its original size.

Our Zip Files are from 6 MB to 8 MB+ large, so it's important to make sure that your E-Mail server allows you to receive such large files. If you can only receive smaller files, then we'll send these out in 2-3 part sets, or we can even provide these photo albums to you by mail in a CD format.

To make this worthwhile and affordable, the Zip files will be sent directly from Russia-- so you can normally expect to receive your girl's Zip files within 24 hours ? although some will be forwarded to you in a few hours.

40-100 JPEG photos of each girl only cost you $15/girl. This is a fantastic deal for non-members as well as Members too. We believe that you will see a definite value in these Zip files of your Dream Girls for this remarkably low price.
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